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The Math Department has determined that this course will contain a Module 0 where students can review and then demonstrate their proficiency in six basic areas of mathematics. Links to web pages covering those areas are provided below. After reading and perhaps studying those web pages students are required to take and pass (with at least a score of 90 out of 100 points) the Module 0 Test. That test, which can be retaken as needed, must be passed before the student is even allowed to take any of the six tests or the final for this course.

Students request the test on Module 0 by emailing me such a request. I will respond by sending the student a personalized version of the test for Module 0 along with a personalized blank answer sheet. Students take the test, record their answers on the blank answer sheet using a text editor (e.g., Notepad or Textedit) or a word processor (e.g., Word or Google Docs). The filled in answer sheet is then emailed to me, within 48 of my sending the test. I will grade the test as soon as possible and send the graded answer sheet back to the student. Grades will be recorded on Blackboard. For this test, and this test only, the recorded grade will be the grade of the most recently taken version of the test.

Students may practice the test by obtaining a test from the Test Selection page.

Students who need help with these basic understandings and skills should contact me as soon as possible to arrange for special help. Please note that students are expected to at least read the associated web pages before asking for special help.

Here is the list of basic areas for Module 0:
  1. Rounding (and a short video presentation of rounding)
  2. Scientific Notation (and a short video presentation of scientific notation)
  3. Conversion: Decimals, Fractions, Percents (and a short video presentation of converting fractions, decimals, and percents)
  4. Evaluating Expressions (and a short video presentation of evaluating expressions: the order of operations, and a short video presentation of evaluating expressions: the use of variables)
  5. Basic Inequalities and Compound Inequalities (and a short video presentation of inequalities)
  6. Equation of a line; Slope; the y-Intercept (and a short video presentation of linear equations)
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